History of Chateau de Roussac Chez Galeix

The Manor close to the center of Roussac that was lived in by a member of the family DE RAZES.

1210 : Sir Helie DE RAZES’s tower on the family chateau fell down burying his children and him under the weight of the rocks. In this era member of the family DE RAZES all lived in the chateau de ROUSSAC together.

The chapel Saint Anne was part of the chateau De Galeix. The chapel was rectangular shape and was situated in the cemetery that was forbidden in 1488.

1515 : An act mentions repairs done to this chapel. Religious services were held in Saint Anne chapel until its destruction during the revolution in 1789. The vicar DESPORSTES took possession of the chapel in 1780 and lived in until its destruction. To this day Saint ANNE chapel is left stood in a barn. It has a broken door from the 13th century and a blocked window on the right side of the chapel.

1667 : The DE MONTCOURT family became the owners of the chateau of Roussac on behalf of the marriage of Audret DE MONTCOURT , 4th son of Pierre DE MONTCOURT of MONTRU with Marie DE Galeix , their son was christened at Rancon.

1710 : The manor of chez Galeix was restored. Two towers were rebuilt cone shaped and stood higher than the rest of the chapel and the farm. It was renovated by Pierre DE RAZES who married one of his daughters to Jean SANDEMOY DE LAVERGNE. Their son François SANDEMOY DE LAVERGNE married Marguerite DE LA CHATRE, daughter of Lord DE LEYRAUD in 1745.

1741 : the plans of the manor of chez Galeix were described it being : < a house with three arches, six rooms, two towers, stables, bakery, a barn, a courtyard and vegetable garden next to the old cemetery >. The farm next to chez galeix belonged to Sir SANDEMOY DE LAVERGNE.

1815 : Marie Barbe Blanche SANDEMOY DE LAVERGNE got married to the 55th infantry regiment officer Théobald JOURDANNEAU, he was mayor of Roussac from 1826 to 1832.

1850 : November 25th: Pierre de MONTCOURT, usher, married Léonarde Honorine JOURDANNEAU, daughter of Théobald JOURDANNEAU and Marie Barbe Blanche SANDEMOYDE LAVERGNE.

Their children:

1. Marie DE MONTCOURT. Born on the 10th of may 1853 and lived in the chateau DE GALEIX until her death in 1924

2. Aristide Grégoire DE MONTCOURT. Finance manager, celibate, was landlord of the château DE Galeix

2. Jean-Baptiste Antoine DE MONTCOURT. Intern of the hospitals of Paris , married in 1890, Louise DRU. From the union were

- René DE MONTCOURT, solicitor of the appeal court in PARIS.

- Marguerite DE MONTCOURT, born on the 25th of August 1897

Marguerite DE MONTCOURT inherited the chateau DE Galeix. She married Mr. GARNICA DE LA CRUZ and had no descendants. Marguerite DE MONTCOURT died on the 25th of August 1987 at the age of 90 to the day. She was buried in the family vault in the cemetery of Roussac.

The chateau DE GALEIX now belongs to Mme. jean Mackenzie, along with the old chapel Sainte Anne and the old chateau farm house, and is now known as CHATEAU DE ROUSSAC.

The house still has its two cone shaped towers, which one of the towers was surmounted with battlements for over a century.